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Venom through my veins
Like the defenses of a snake
taking a bite in the face of
Bile rising up
The emotions rot when
they are forced back under
with weighted chain, no key
A bottled ship too big for the glass
yet unable to escape
It sloshes out in waves
looks and thoughts
comments that leak opinions
if you are quick enough to catch it
Intent-soaked apple, poisoned
A concoction of righteous indignation
Fairly earned by the person
from flighty selfishness that
need not be
Yearning for a morsel of truth and honest conversation
Responsibility as absent in their mind 
as family estranged
Thoughtless actions, thoughtless minds
For this dealer refrains from a wealth  of sharp edged words
reserved for unlucky few
The ones steeped too long
cutting with truth
Too bitter for their fragile ego's tastes

They're the plant that barely grows
Old, not up

Their closed book tightly locked
Skipping key chapters of mindfulness
Ones I cannot spoon to them
like a baby refusing to eat
Else I be destined to stand
in their regurgitated excuses
as tired as their self-centered droll

It's the agonizing verity of it all
When they choose to stay blind to the
measurable impact on our heart's ground-zero

Where immediate pleasure outweighed
an ounce of caring
Stinging worse when I see those I know deserve better
take the brunt of harm
All because they can't be the villain in their own actions
perpetuating reality's story
the messy now of risk they neglected

How silly it all is when
half the battle would be won - compromise
only from half-baked apologies,
at least poorly present
rather than nonexistent
In the false hope of protecting
a positive perception no one has

Published by Kindled

Just your average over-caffinated INFP who loves many forms of self-expression. Writer. Poet. Painter.

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