Bursting out with the inner flames of her soul, a woman's outstretched silhouette, bends like a swan into a dancer's pose. She forms above the wick of a vibrant red candle; the bitter-sweet scent of pomegranate.  Her erratic and wild untamed hair flows wildly above. Looking off, lost in thought. If only you knew what she was thinking.

Come for the poetry, stay for the atmosphere

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Death of the Authentic-Self

Small talkin’
  People dropping their story in resumes

I don’t want to know your
  Graduating rank
     The prestige you think
         comes dripping off words
Words I never asked for
   Like a moving target for some
      Narcissistic folk-lore
They’re just measurements on paper
    Recycled on every ear […]


Pick out your mask
From the Devil’s deck of cards

Leave behind a piece of you
Checked back at the door

This is the game of facade
Contagious Dancing Plague […]

Enslaved to Time

Manic as stretched hours
Mixed metaphors flow
outside the lines
Blurry beautiful bleeding watercolors

One messy mosaic an offspring of time makes
Constantly quantifying life with
arbitrary measurements
Post miles along a carefully grafted check list

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Music sourced from Uppbeat.io
Photos sourced from Pixabay