Bursting out with the inner flames of her soul, a woman's outstretched silhouette, bends like a swan into a dancer's pose. She forms above the wick of a vibrant red candle; the bitter-sweet scent of pomegranate.  Her erratic and wild untamed hair flows wildly above. Looking off, lost in thought. If only you knew what she was thinking.

Come for the poetry, stay for the atmosphere

Just as poetry endeavors to evoke the intangible, raw emotions on a deep and personal level, sensory stimulation connects sight with sound to elicit an empathetic sense of self

Allow art to transcend the senses, enveloping you in immersive environments and heightening the experience in my little nook of the internet

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A Taxing Life

Come this cold winter’s bend
Uncle gets the first laugh
at year’s end
Enjoying the view
As the ten-ton steam train
Named Reality
Hurdles straight into
January resolutions
Sending financial plans spiraling
down to the penny-scrambled ground

Waiting for pittance paid Piper
Cradled in April
Commoditizing the human soul
To itemize each aching woe
on the tear-measured days
of the taxation craze

The Point

Look for why
and it’s only more elusive
Puffs of smoke caught
in shimmering reflection


Venom through my veins
Like the defenses of a snake
taking a bite in the face of adversity

Bile rising up
The emotions rot when
they are forced back under
with weighted chain, no key

A bottled ship too big for the glass
yet unable to escape

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Music sourced from Uppbeat.io
Photos sourced from Pixabay