Ambient Poetry Café

Take a side of poetry with your brew, it’s on the house.

[[UNDER CONSTRUCTION – poetry café rooms]]

Death of the Authentic-Self

Small talkin’
  People dropping their story in resumes

I don’t want to know your
  Graduating rank
     The prestige you think
         comes dripping off words
Words I never asked for
   Like a moving target for some
      Narcissistic folk-lore
They’re just measurements on paper
    Recycled on every ear […]


Pick out your mask
From the Devil’s deck of cards

Leave behind a piece of you
Checked back at the door

This is the game of facade
Contagious Dancing Plague […]

Enslaved to Time

Manic as stretched hours
Mixed metaphors flow
outside the lines
Blurry beautiful bleeding watercolors

One messy mosaic an offspring of time makes
Constantly quantifying life with
arbitrary measurements
Post miles along a carefully grafted check list

A Taxing Life

Come this cold winter’s bend
Uncle gets the first laugh
at year’s end
Enjoying the view
As the ten-ton steam train
Named Reality
Hurdles straight into
January resolutions
Sending financial plans spiraling
down to the penny-scrambled ground

Waiting for pittance paid Piper
Cradled in April
Commoditizing the human soul
To itemize each aching woe
on the tear-measured days
of the taxation craze

The Point

Look for why
and it’s only more elusive
Puffs of smoke caught
in shimmering reflection


Venom through my veins
Like the defenses of a snake
taking a bite in the face of adversity

Bile rising up
The emotions rot when
they are forced back under
with weighted chain, no key

A bottled ship too big for the glass
yet unable to escape

Nutcracker Quirk

The original Elf-ed Shelves
Protecting lil’ dancing ballerinas
circa 1892

Splendor – #WDYS

Shimmering splendor
Folded against a secret box
Nestled under
Blanketed pine

Planning smiles
Surprise lit faces
Beaming bright as summer


(Turn on music at the bottom for the full experience) Harpoon me through the heart In this river of sadness Pull me a million directions And I’ll know it as if it were my own Oh, tragic beauty of feeling for another This torture of empathy, a burden I won’t put down For I knowContinue reading “Empath”

When Anxiety Calls

Sensible, Nonsensical
Logic Unreliable

Will not compute
Harder to refute

The many little things
A thousand cuts, compounded
The oh so big things
Deeper wounds, but slowly so


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Coffee that binds us, wakes us, comforts us. Globetrotting into our mouths and our minds during our morning routines, blissfully following us on the commute. Coffee is the trusty sidekick to a super day and a much-needed boost of serotonin in the morning.

From farm to cup, there is beauty in as many flavors as people, adapting to the drinker no matter the culinary weapon of choice. If not coffee, then tea. If not now, then later. On the go or resting in place.

It can be magical if you let it. Turn down the dial, slow the pace, and just breathe in the moment. Look around and just be. A cup is your chance for a dose of mindfulness and opportunity to absorb the world around you.

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