Death of the Authentic-Self

Small talkin’
  People dropping their story in resumes

I don’t want to know your
  Graduating rank
     The prestige you think
         comes dripping off words
Words I never asked for
   Like a moving target for some
      Narcissistic folk-lore
They’re just measurements on paper
    Recycled on every ear […]

A Taxing Life

Come this cold winter’s bend
Uncle gets the first laugh
at year’s end
Enjoying the view
As the ten-ton steam train
Named Reality
Hurdles straight into
January resolutions
Sending financial plans spiraling
down to the penny-scrambled ground

Waiting for pittance paid Piper
Cradled in April
Commoditizing the human soul
To itemize each aching woe
on the tear-measured days
of the taxation craze