Kindled, In a Nutshell

Poetry, to me, is self-expression for the misunderstood and overlooked; art to capture what the heart aches to share but can’t quite figure out how. In it we find identity, connection, and a sense that we’re not so alone in our struggles. It can and should be accessible and relatable for those looking for it.

Hi there! I’m glad you’ve stopped by. I hope something brings a smile to your face today. Its okay not to see the silver lining though. I’m proud of you for doing what you can.

Welcome to this little nook of the internet, my quirky poetry café. Even if its just you and me here, with a cup of coffee or refreshing tea, come for the poetry and stay for the emotional journey of expression.

What can you expect here?

  • The musings of an aspiring writer taking a chance. She’s a little nervous, but very excited; see through my eyes – see yourself or someone you know;
  • A poignant experience of free verse poetry, coupled with immersive ambient music and beautiful photography (its best served with the volume on and auto-play enabled in your browser);
  • A full spectrum of topics. Be it heartbreak and love, grief and hope, our existential existence and the cosmos, even tattoos and boxing metaphors. Everything that makes us human: raw emotion.

So, how did I end up here in front of you? What exactly drove me to have something to say, hoping you might take a minute to listen? The loss of my father. Grief.

The urge to write was ever present. However, the idea that I could or even was qualified to write poetry, not so much – but hey, its all subjective!

I think maybe the poet was always there, lurking in the quiet moments of life when I found myself staring off (into the sky, or into the abyss of my mind – whichever), yearning to find the perfect phrases to adequately paint a picture of vivid color. Ones that went beyond everyday colloquialisms, quantifying my relationships and the people in my life.

Circa 2019, I decided to type up those vagabond thoughts and post them, no poetry conventions or expectations of an audience – just me in an arm wrestle with grief, needing to let it pour out; churning my thoughts into poems. Naturally, I began by creating a Tumblr account.

Now, fast forward two years, a lot of change, and a few Tumblr followers later, I’m writing this bio and hosting my own blog! Sure, it may never get it’s legs, but I have to try. The goal is, in this heavily saturated world of content, for you to feel understood through my words, to connect with whatever it is you’ve gone through.

Won’t you stay awhile?

Kindled Shadow

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