Nutcracker Quirk

(Turn on music at the bottom for the full experience)

Some fat
Some happy
Ones missing an eye

He’s noseless
He’s dopy
That one’s a prince

A king, no castle
A skier, no slope

Snowman named Frosty
Chonkers named Doug
Royalty named Sir Jon Jon III

A German holding Wienerschnitzel
A wino with no tastebuds

These nutcrackers
Of shapes
And sizes
Quirks and smirks
‘Staches for days

This one is Lenny, not a penny to his name
That one is Stu, lookin’ a bit blue

Don’t tell Gary, but he’s a mug with no body
Oh! there goes Clark, swinging his sword
at an unsuspecting mouse

In nooks and crannies
Some dusty corners
Or crimson bags under the tree
Mantle protectors
Or counter cardinals
They’re heralds of the Holiday Spirit
Paragons of bravery, little wooden heroes

Nutcracker is the name
Cracking nuts is their game
Though they haven’t done that since Germany

The original Elf-ed Shelves
Protecting lil’ dancing ballerinas
circa 1892

Always a nutcracker to match you
When Christmas is due

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

Published by Kindled

Just your average over-caffinated INFP who loves many forms of self-expression. Writer. Poet. Painter.

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