The Point

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When do we find it?
Searching and searching
A lifetime for purpose
Aged paper missing its X

Ask someone
Oft, they'll pretend there's one answer
Or they're just the same
no better - no worse
Faking it, when we're all
searching and searching
Maddening the Hatter

The answer
white rabbit
who won't appear

How human
asking The Question
Catch-22 meets humanity

Look for why
and it's only more elusive
Puffs of smoke caught
in shimmering reflection


Creating our own
if we can't find it
Seeing signs
whether they're there
or they're not

Forever before forks
Here, mud stuck as immobility for transportation

Maybe choice is overrated

Maybe it doesn't have to be
mutually exclusive
All or nothing
in our glass castles

Why even over think?

Like the fortune cookie
Telling me I need not a safety net
Because I'm already flying
Do I decide what that means?
Does that make it any more right or wrong?

Still, we read the tea leaves
Assigning definitions
Becoming the puddle the hole was made for

Predestined by a maker...
except it's just
Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig
Isaac Norman Henkle
Emmanuel Ambroise Diggs

Worse, will it be
Forever at the horizon
Never grasped
Like a joke whose punch line
Is never delivered

Answer in any form
and you fit the buyer - custom modeled
In higher power, hidden talent

Life is just a would-you-rather
kind of random
kind of chaos
Where we all choose to seek elsewhere
but that never really mattered
Except to us
if we had the courage -
courage to discover it in ourselves

So, the question should be
Why do I care?
And there, shall I finally find
the tip of life's iceberg?
Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: 1YOHTZPHUWTCYG6Q

Published by Kindled

Just your average over-caffinated INFP who loves many forms of self-expression. Writer. Poet. Painter.

3 thoughts on “The Point

    1. Awe, thank you Cindy! You’ve made my day 💕 and thanks for the follow as well! I’m glad I came across your poem and blog today, it really struck me; Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude is a beautiful listen as well 🎶

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