Sister Seasons

New life sprouts

In blooms the lush green garden of Spring
As she brings wonder to Gaia

Paint strokes of hope
Of love
Of beginnings
The promise of bright tomorrows
In a young meadow

“Wake from your Winter’s slumber, now”

Much to do
And much to cherish
Dew droplets placed with care
Flowers stretching limbs
Watch how new life flourishes
And birds learn to fly

Woodland creatures play in mythical forests
Laughter echos across the fertile scape

The sun turns hotter still

Spring’s elder Summer comes in for a bout
Relieving her of her post as the rays strengthen
Passing of the torch

Summer beckons us to beaches
Sandy toes and salty hair
Waves lapping – smoothed edges of a sea glass heart

Sunrise to sunset
Fun and merriment in melting ice cream
Late night movies, toasty marshmallows
Forget your troubles, give in
All play – no work, won’t you give in?

Even Summer grows tired though

Drained of energy, giving her everything
To relax the world for just a while
The hot sun sets on her last day there

Gold falls to Crimson
Crisp air blows in, taking the helm

Summer leaves, greeting Sister Autumn at the door
Embracing only but a moment
A journey done, a journey just begun
Autumn leaves, swirling – floating – crunching – treasures

Oh, but a season by any other name feels as cherished
Reining in the work of Summer, of Spring – synchronized harmony

Foliage showers
Spices, those little hugs in mugs

O’ plentiful harvest
Reap the seeds sown by Sisters
The cycle is the beauty
Not death, but rebirth

A feisty one is Fall, with mischief in her blood
Pumkins carved
And spooky stories
Tales of monsters, gifts of candy
A little fun, she stays for a spell

In thanks, we give – for time is blessed
Enjoying her season’s bounty happily
Gathered round the table, We

The end only but the doorway to new beginnings
The last leaf a-fallin’
Autumn has done what Autumn is due, Gaia is in snowy hands

Enter Eldest Winter – bundled with tidings
The eleventh hour we hold dear
Home to traditions and the sappy heart

Oh Winter, the long slumber
Like mother calling you home
She keeps you warm at the hearth
Cozy bundled heaps, you little blanket burritos

Defrosted, hot cocoa veins – minty lips
Homely decorations and family so dear

She blankets the outside world in snow
Where you may play the day away
Slicked hills made for sledding – just for you

Her season that harbors the end
Paving the way for renewed beauty
For how shall we cherish beauty, except that which is fleeting?

Gaia’s lighthouse once again beckons for Spring to sprout

“Sleep now, sleep sound. Until we meet again”
Winter whispers, the chilly freeze thaws

Melting marks the welcome
Spring sprung once more
As sure as the sun rises in the East
With flower girls, and lazy rural ‘noons

Sisters of Seasons
Daughters of Gaia

Their blessed beauty a tale to tell

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