Apple Cider Doughnut Day – #WDYS

Cinnamon sugar covered hands
      and powdery lips
   The evidence drawn
         across your adorable pretending face
This quaint lil' game we play
Apple Cider Doughnuts that were
      taunting, teasing - fresh scrumptious aroma
   Daring you to steal 
         an unsuspecting bite
Tantalizing your fingertips, dancing across them
     as a dust of sugar coats you
First its a lick
     then a bite
   The promise of a treat
        life's sweet trivial delight
Baked with love
     just for you,
           though you didn't know
Now, here you are
      wide eyed - like a criminal caught
    Staring, feigned open-mouthed shock
Cuter than you could ever know
    Bringing a smile to my face
       Warm heart - pure joy
Hints of sugar, remnants left on your lips
      ready to lick away Autumn's flavor 
    I walk right up to boo
           arms wrapped around you
Daring to steal those sugar kisses
    And your cheesing laughter 
You may have eaten the sweets
       But your sugar kisses were 
         my special treats
         perfect dessert
    How I cherish these little moments, never enough
If only every day could be an Apple Cider Doughnut Day

From the WDYS#103 prompt – Keep it Alive, by Sadje; Photo by Jovan Vasiljević

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: LBFKW9RJEG0S6HFE

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