Death of the Authentic-Self

Small talkin’
  People dropping their story in resumes

I don’t want to know your
  Graduating rank
     The prestige you think
         comes dripping off words
Words I never asked for
   Like a moving target for some
      Narcissistic folk-lore
They’re just measurements on paper
    Recycled on every ear […]

Take an ASMR-ight here, insomniacs

In a world of endless information, we are part of the ever-expanding internet era. The soft glow of our phone’s light may caress our face as head meets pillow, but inevitably it keeps us up later at night when we find falling asleep nearly impossible. The snake and the tail, oxymoron becometh, it succeeds in perpetuating a cycle of worsening sleep habits that lead us to pull out the phone in bed. I’m guilty of it, so so guilty of it.