Pen Station [Under Construction]

Hop on the Express headed to endless
artistic destinations

Strangers passing by, people milling about. A mosaic of humanity interconnected on this shared commute. Voices file into the periphery of your mind as your feet edge the yellow warning line, itching to get on your train.

The train gusts whip across your body, crisp air kissing you lightly; the true city breeze. With the click of the doors, that welcome evening ding you know so well, it’s time to step on.

Nothing but choices sprawl in front of you, those familiar tangerine and marigold hues. You already know though, where you’ll choose to sit. That favorite corner seat is calling, earbuds adorned in each ear.

Now a stop away from your destination, you’ve found your attention drawn from the music to all the people who’ve filled the seats or stand nearby. You should get up, arriving any moment. You should but…

Securely anchored in place, you don’t get off; instead choosing to ride the train to the end of the line, solely to people-watch all those who get off after you. Imagining lives for these strangers, pondering their hopes and dreams, their hidden talents and inspirations.

Pen Station runs a late-night train
highlighting poets, writers, artists
& other misc. corners of the internet

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