The Sun

When I behold you, I see the sun
You’re like the rays beating down on lapping water
Warming the surface and streaming through to caress the coldest depths of my sorrow
It may never be down here what it could up there, trapped within the forboding depths of my mind
But because I know you, I know warmth all the same…

Take an ASMR-ight here, insomniacs

In a world of endless information, we are part of the ever-expanding internet era. The soft glow of our phone’s light may caress our face as head meets pillow, but inevitably it keeps us up later at night when we find falling asleep nearly impossible. The snake and the tail, oxymoron becometh, it succeeds in perpetuating a cycle of worsening sleep habits that lead us to pull out the phone in bed. I’m guilty of it, so so guilty of it.

Apple Cider Doughnut Day – #WDYS

Cinnamon sugar covered hands and powdery lips The evidence drawn across your adorable pretending face This quaint lil’ game we play Apple Cider Doughnuts that were taunting, teasing – fresh scrumptious aroma Daring you to steal an unsuspecting bite Tantalizing your fingertips, dancing across them as a dust of sugar coats you First its aContinue reading “Apple Cider Doughnut Day – #WDYS”

Sister Seasons

In blooms the lush green garden of Spring
As she brings wonder to Gaia…

Summer beckons us to beaches
Sandy toes and salty hair
Waves lapping – smoothed edges of a sea glass heart…

Foliage showers
Spices, those little hugs in mugs…

Oh Winter, the long slumber
Like mother calling you home
She keeps you warm at the hearth
Cozy bundled heaps, you little blanket burritos…