A Taxing Life

(Turn on music at the bottom for the full experience)

Come this cold winter's bend
Uncle gets the first laugh
At year's end
Enjoying the view
As the ten-ton steam train
Named Reality
Hurdles straight into
January resolutions
Sending financial plans spiraling
Down to the penny-scrambled ground

Waiting for pittance paid Piper
Cradled in April
Commoditizing the human soul
To itemize each aching woe
On the tear-measured days
Of the taxation craze

Mr. Monopoly
Rigging the game
Ensured to churn your Capital Loss
Into his hoarded gain

Like Smaug
Basking in the mountain
Piled high atop digital numbers

Not a December's ghost
Can reach that money-tainted heart
One so green with deadly sin
Remaining unpierced by empathy
Armored in apathy

These aged shaking hands
And dissonance strained smile
Never connecting with his calculator eyes
Adorned the porcelain mask
Painted with the American Dream

No door can shut in his face
Invading all by a rubber stamp
Having bloodied stacks of murdered hopes
Pages lying under emboldened rejection

All so diamonds ground from
Lifetimes of indentured pressure
Can line his pockets
Glistening from bootstrap to top hat

Pretending to be one with the everyday people
Those censured to the faceless man's labyrinth
Forever sailing among a sea of cubes
In the sacrificial cause to appease
The Capitalist's Minotaur

Oh - we buy what he's selling
Raised with an engrained pain
The yearn for Earthly possessions
Tidings of a rich man's folly
Become ambitions of a poor man's desire
Working for the Corporate Family
Whilst remaining irrevocably replaceable

Yes, that's our Dandy Sam-I-Am
Prided Sheriff of Nottingham
Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: 35GTNJPMUKYAJ1WL

Published by Kindled

Just your average over-caffinated INFP who loves many forms of self-expression. Writer. Poet. Painter.

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