I Don’t Know How Nobody Ever Told You

I don’t know how nobody ever told you
How you hurt everyone
In the messy expedition for self-enlightenment

Feelings will be valid,
While actions remain unjustifiable
Leaving shattered fractions in a self-imploded wake
Refusing to drink the bitter truth

How can you be so grossly negligent to supposed loved ones?
Head stuck in the sand, unable to see your true reflection
A mirror with that power might scare you
Cracks across porcelain skin

I don’t know how nobody ever told you
Not every fucking thing is about you, hon

Rip out a heart with your perverted ignorance
Kill a journey where it could have ended kindly
Spewed entrails of emotion

Is it worth it now?
In a month?
A year or two?
When you ruin it all again, blinded by the wrong thing,
Wounding all that care

I don’t know how nobody ever told you
Your story is not unique
You’re just selfish

Inside your own little head
In your own little corner
In your own fucking world

How quickly you forget you were still supposed to care
about more than your immediate needs

Echoes me me me
To the quickly vacating audience

I don’t know how nobody ever told you
People would kill for what you let go to waste
Earned through the privilege of support you didn’t appreciate
So many people are more worthy of opportunity practically handed to you

Watch as they’re sickened by your false perceptions
And overinflated self-righteousness
While you force everyone to make the decisions for you
Freed responsibility
Never the precipitator
Of your own situation

I don’t know how nobody ever told you
The right way, and the wrong way to do what you did
Every step step step
You chose it wrong
Pushing them off emotional cliffs

Not even you can handle understanding what you really wanted

I don’t know how nobody ever told you
You hand wrote the worst fucking joke

Many walked a mile in shoes like yours
Never hurting others like you hurt them
How did you not know!?
And why should anyone even need to tell you?

Still, I don’t know how nobody ever told you.

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: EUKOVVPHSPJMZJ60

Published by Kindled

Just your average over-caffinated INFP who loves many forms of self-expression. Writer. Poet. Painter.

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