Nihilistic Frame of Mind


Nihilistic frame of mind

Cheerful disposition

Nothing for millennia


Nothing for millennia


Just now

In no point, we find the point

Suddenly everything matters

Now is what I have

I am the bow playing against the strings of a violin

I am the notes, resonating through air

Tuned to the love of life

Started as nothing, waiting

Suddenly, profoundly there

Yet the song must end, the sound will stop

Mere minutes in the cosmic universe

The song of space

Inevitably I will be the sound that no longer exists all the same

So utterly human, meaning in no meaning

A melody to smile to

A melody to weep to

A melody to remember and fade to

Everything is okay

For all the planets and all the species and all the times

I am lucky I am here

I have the gift of now

Experiences and feelings

A song

I define myself

I am the fleeting notes existing for a while

Utterly beautiful existence

Writing and playing my own song


Cheerful frame of mind

Nihilistic disposition

Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
License code: YV0DQJ3MAFCR6VK2

Published by Kindled

Just your average over-caffinated INFP who loves many forms of self-expression. Writer. Poet. Painter.

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